Advanced Technology Intraocular Lenses (IOLs)

Advanced Technology Intraocular Lenses (IOLs)

At Williams Eye Institute, our surgeons and staff will collaborate with the patient to develop a surgical plan based upon the patient's lifestyle and visual needs.

For most cataract patients, life without glasses, reading glasses, or bifocals is something they either experienced when they were very young, or they just dreamed about for most of their lives.  Williams Eye Institue offers a wide variety of Advance Technology Intraocular Lenses including RX Sight's Light Adjustable Lens™, J&J Eyhance Lens™ (also available in Toric), and J&J Symphonywith Optiblue (also available in Toric).

Johnson & Johnson Eyhance™ and Eyhance Toric™ IOLs are a monofocal lens, yet because of its new, unique shape it has a larger depth of focus than other monofocal lenses. This allows many patients with Eyhance™ lenses not only to see objects clearly at a distance without the aid of glasses, but also objects at an intermediary range like a computer or television. Because of their unique design, Eyhance™ IOLs can also reduce light distractions that often occur with other types of lenses. Patients with Eyhance™ lenses have lower incidences of halos, glare or a “starburst” effect from oncoming headlights or other bright lights. This feature of Eyhance™ IOLs, coupled with possibly better focus at various distances, can improve your vision experience and allow you to participate in more activities without the aid of glasses.  This lens is also available in Toric for higher levels of astigmatism to suit the patient's individual needs.

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Johnson & Johnson Symfony™ and Symfony Toric™ with Optiblue extended depth of focus (EDOF) IOLs are premium lenes known for providing an extended range of continuous vision, which means you will have the ability to see from up close to far away, day and night.  This lens is powered by our InteliLight™ technology, so that you can see clearly in dim or low light.  This lens is also available in Toric for higher levels of astigmatism to suit the patient's individual needs.

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Light Adjustable Lens™ by RX Sight:  you will have the unique opportunity to adjust and preview your vision based on your personal desires and lifestyle requirements.  This optimization is done by your eye doctor after lens implantation through a series of light treatment procedures that take only a few minutes each.  In a study of 600 subjects, those who received the Light Adjustable Lens™ followed by adjustments were twice as likely to achieve 20/20 vision at 6 months without glasses as those who received a standard (fixed) monofocal IOL.

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It is important to note that insurance and Medicare cover Standard Cataract Surgery with a standard monofocal IOL, but they do not cover the additional cost of Advanced Technology IOLs.  The above premium options range from $1400 - $3400 per eye out of pocket.

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